Swiss Army Super Puma (AS332) an der SIMEX Übung 2013

An der internationalen Übung SIMEX 2013 haben verschiedene Rettungsteams aus der ganzen Welt den Ernstfall geübt. Ankunft in der Schweiz am Flughafen Zürich war der 4. März mit direktem Transport nach Kriens zum Übungsfeld. Der Transfer nach Kriens wurde durch die Schweizer Armee mit deren AS332 Super Puma Helikopter sichergestellt. Hier ein kleines Video:

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Surfen im Internet weltweit mit einem Klick

Auch schon gefragt wie man auf Geschäftsreise oder in den Ferien am besten ins Internet kommt?
Natürlich kann man sich in jedem Hotel, Flughafen, etc. wieder von neuem mit den kompliziertesten Loginverfahren auseinandersetzten. Da ich aber weder Lust noch Zeit dafür habe, ist auf meinem Laptop Monzoon World Flat installiert.

Monzoon World Flat ist eine Service der Internetzugang für über 1 Million Hotspots weltweit bietet. Über die Homepage kann man sich einen Softwareclient aufs Device installieren. Dazu benötigt man einen Account den man auch direkt auf der Homepage kaufen kann. Der Account ist für mindestens einen Monat gültig und wird zur Authentifizierung in den Hotspots benutzt.

Einen Monat kostet zur Zeit 49.- Schweizer Franken. Bezahlt wird über die Homepage Komfortabel per Kreditkarte oder Paypal. Angenehm ist, dass man einen bestehenden Account verlängern kann. Einfach den bestehenden Username im entsprechenden Feld eingeben und schon wird dieser wieder aktiviert.
Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-02 um 21.01.36
Username und Passwort erhält man dann per E-Mail, welche auch für den Service SwissVPN genutzt werden können.

In der installierten App kann man in den Einstellungen den erhaltenen Username und Passwort konfigurieren.

Die App zeigt verfügbare Netzwerke in der Umgebung an und verbindet dann mit einem klick zu dem kompatiblen Netzwerk.

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Barcelona with my Lumia800

Begin of May I visited Barcelona and took some shoots with my Nokia Lumia800. The camera is cool and simple to use. If you press the camera button in the sleep mode for about two seconds the camera activates and you can quickly catch a photo. With one click you can switch to the video mode.
The quality of the video depends very much on the light. With good backlight you get a clear and bright picture. Sometimes the camera doesn’t focus if you switch to video mode. Close and open the camera app solves the problem.

I was taking a shot of the “Sagrada Familia” against the sun but still I think it came out good.

I have to say that I did not add any effects to the video. Except the transitions between the scenes :)
I wanted to leave the quality of the video as pure as it comes out of my Lumia…

Have fun and let me know what you think about.

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IT security certifications for banks

At the moment I am writing my bachelor thesis about IT security certification in banks. I try to find out if the communication of a security certification such as ISO 27001 or ITIL would reduce the impact of reputation loss due to a cyberattack. It was researched that cybercrime attacks have a big impact to companies trough indirect cost such as reputation loss (see Informationsweek). After a security breach like stolen customer data is public banks often lost a lot of their clients. Unfortunately banks didn’t communicated their plans to avoid this in future. If they would have reacted better maybe they wouldn’t have lost that much clients…

What about you? Would you leave your bank because they were victim of a cybercrime? Would you feel more safe if you would know that your banks IT is certified and is getting tested from time to time? Feel free to fill out the poll!

At the moment the only way to proof the security of an IT System is to do a certification with a standard like ISO 27001. What other possibilities do banks have to secure their IT? Suggestions welcome…

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Foursquare and Qype on WP7

I just checked out the two location based voucher apps from foursquare and QYPE. Installation on my lumia 800 as usual over the marketplace. Both have a animated tile which is nice…

It looks like foursquare has some more locations but the specials are not that impressive. You get a free coffee or drink if you check in at a certain location. The funny thing is that you can compete with your friends. You get points for every check in and collect badges. Compete with your friends and see who has got more points. At the begin it is very hard to navigate in the app. Some features like writing comments on locations are hidden and hard to find. But it’s like most WP7 app… you get used to it :)

QYPE instead offers you goods and services with intention to sell more. You get offers like “order a whole buffet and get a cake for free…”. This app is more focused on comments and recommendations. I tried to find friends but this function is either good hidden or not implemented. But from my experience it must be hidden :)

To sum up, both apps are cool to use but the locations still don’t use it as an voucher system. The whole system depends on the offered vouchers and if you don’t find one near you the app reduces itself to a social gaming app…

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Visit at XDays 2012

On my visit at the XDays 2012 in Interlaken (CH) I checked out Nokias new Lumia 900. Unfortunately I had only a few seconds to touch it, but I think the difference to the Lumia 800 are not that massive. Of course there will be an 4,3″ display but so far that’s all… Interesting was the fact that the Tango update will be available in Switzerland in May. The update includes some interesting functionality. They will improve the battery and enable the wireless hotspot option. As far as I know the hotspot option has to be enabled by your provider… we’ll see…

I passed by Microsoft to see the new Windows 8. They showed it on a Samsung tablet PC. During the presentation it lagged and since the wireless was not working it was almost impossible to use it. It is amazing that every device needs a network.

I asked Microsoft what do they think about the new Mozilla Project “Boot 2 Gecko” (B2G)… Answer: “What is that?…”
Even though I like my Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7 I think B2G will play a bigger role in the future than people expect. So don’t underestimate it!


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Get inspired

My boss inspired me to setup WordPress and it was very easy.
So if you like it say thank you to my boss :)

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